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Body Technologies for Self-Care Workshop

Sept 17  6-7pm, the knockdown center

Self-care is paramount during times of stress. Finding peace of mind while navigating the whirlwind of city life means that practicing self care is essential. And, since we live in a society that demands our attention and participation in ways we may find challenging at times, it helps if the tools we use are easily applicable and immediately effective.


In this self-care workshop, we’ll work with the material that we all share and know; our own bodies. The Body contains an abundance of accessible technologies that can shift us to feeling strong and clear when our minds are disheartened and distracted. These technologies work and can be applied regardless of religious/spiritual beliefs, flexibility, or financial status.


During the hour, Jaguar Mary will share some foundational practices and meditations that will involve breath, movement and group communication. You’ll have fun and leave the workshop with some easy, ready-to-use strategies for your continued self-care practice. This workshop is part of Defend + Restore, an afternoon event at the Knockdown Center, focusing on staying well in today's political, environmental and social climate.

Defend + Restore 

is a community-centered daytime event focused on care, strengthening, and the sustainability of physical, mental, and emotional health. Join us to share skills and tactics of self-preservation in the wake of ongoing individual and collective traumas.

Free and donation-based workshops, trainings, and gatherings geared toward self-defense, intervention, strengthening, restoration, and care will be held in Knockdown Center’s backyard. In addition to scheduled events throughout the day, Defend + Restore includes an open-air marketplace featuring vendors who center health, well-being, homeopathic knowledge, and natural materials.


Jaguar Mary is a teacher, performance artist, filmmaker and glossolalia vocalist. She started chanting mantras at the age of eleven as a young buddhist practitioner. She created Sacred Circularties, a movement-based meditation experience that took place for six years in Sedona, Arizona and Bali, Indonesia.


Jaguar Mary is here for the journey and continues to share and learn spirit and movement-focused experiences through her art and connection with community. Currently, she is a member of the Performance and Performance Studies MFA cohort at Pratt Institute. 

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