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MFA Thesis Performance

Dixon Place, NYC

Friday March 29 8:30pm


The festival opens this Friday at 8:30pm at Dixon Place with a ritual performance by yours truly. I'll be channeling the Mythic Bird, an avatar I created that embodies the liminal threshold between flesh and spirit, exploring potentials for collective liberation through touch, dance and glossolalia. 


The evening's ritual also includes performance artists: Jana Astanov, Chloe Devine, Kim Doan Quoc, Pei-Ling Ho, Tina Wang 

Please note that natural resins of sage, sandalwood and palo santo will burn throughout the performance. This ritual includes nudity throughout. There is no sex or violence. Okay for people aged-10 and above.

Please arrive early to be sure you can find a seat. The Undercommons at Dixon is an intimate space much smaller than the main stage. 


studio performance

art/life institute

Sunday, may 26


kingston, ny

Come to a special film screening and ritual performance by the Mythic Bird as part of  the ART/LIFE Institute

artist-in-residency program.

Music, food and community after the performance!



invite the mythic bird to your community,

festival, gathering, artspace or ritual event

Bioculturealities Symposium and Performance Festival

2020 date to be announced

Carondelet, St Louis

MARSH (Materializing & Activating Radical Social Habitus) is a bio-cultural laboratory located in Carondelet, St. Louis, MO. MARSH is a laboratory site for practical research into and as forms-of-life (habitus) both cultural and biotic. Where our (in)human bodies entangle, at an identified site/situation from which our embodiments and social bodilies can be seen to emerge, performativities are both compulsory and intentional, conditioned and designed.


This symposium and festival will ask and address inquiries such as: How do we intervene in and materialize ourselves and each other, our diverse and speciated directives, our multiplicit and shared eco-and-cultural-logics? How do we inhabit and materialize “realities” through difference, (in)decision, (e)motion, conception, collaboration, and meaning-making?


Open to the public across the week, full schedule to be announced soon. Participating Artists and Organzations: Beatriz Albuquerque, Michael Allen, Cyprus Atlas, Jessica Baran (+Nathaniel Farrell, TBA), Lorene Bouboushian, Shawn Escarciga, Maxi Glamour + Qu’art Cohort, Nicole Goodwin, Simone Johnson, Heather Kapplow, Sierra Ortega, Allana Ross,

Jaguar Mary X (+ TBA!)

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